Rickschicken.co.uk is unsurprisingly perhaps a site about chickens. It is inspired by Richard Stilwells original chicken flock and dedicated to the three hens who accidentally drowned when my Dad decided to bury a bath tub full of water in our backyard for the ducks to swim in.


Here you can find out what is behind some of your chickens behaviour in and out of the coop, and perhaps discover how to keep them in line. This site is definitely on the daft side, but within the silliness are some genuine observations and hints for keeping chickens. And anyway, aren’t chickens themselves quite daft?

Some homemade chicken coops

Ricks basic guidelines for keeping chickens are very simple:

1. Let them out in the morning

2. Shut them in at night AND COUNT THEM!!!!!!

3. Keep their food and water topped up

4. Collect all those eggs